Director & DoP Duo based in Berlin, Germany & Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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HOMETOWN is a director (Eric) & dop (Alex) duo, based in Germany and The Netherlands. They are connected by their origin, friendship and a shared passion to make stories become film. Their idea of no longer separate fiction and reality but to bring them together as one makes their style unique. They believe that each aspect of film should be treated equally whether it’s the story, the image or the music. Together they have found their voice – being able to create an environment making realty feel cinematic. 

Throughout their yet short journey of two years they have already proven themselves with a wide ratio of projects showing fashion, beauty, sports, lifestyle and cars. Working for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Henkel, Flaconi, Telekom or L’Occitane. As their projects are spread throughout the worlds of fiction, commercial and documentary, HOMETOWN as a duo doesn’t like to pinpoint themselves to one genre or topic. Because they believe that there is a story behind every person, company and product waiting to be told.

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