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based in Hamburg, Germany

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Julian's fascination for films started very early. Julian grew up in the far north of Germany in front of a TV, watching VHS-tapes till they were out.
From a young age he started filming rollerblading with an old camcorder and found his way into the commercial / advertising world in 2015. Julian's dedication for innovation and willingness to experience new adventures became an everlasting drive which is visible until today. He stands out due his authenticity and rawness of his imagery as well as the high level of energy he continuously works with. His unique perspective for creating moving images comes also from his background as graphic designer, that’s why he is always looking to push creative boundaries while telling compelling, engaging and relatable stories.
He’s in love with grain, get’s goose bumps from beautiful lens-flares and likes nothing more than light touching human skin.

Philips - 5000X Series
VW - T-Cross Cara Delevingne
HVV Kampagne
VW Pegasus DC
Hugo Boss - Berlin
VW Pegasus - Date gone right
Porsche - Hugo Boss
VW Nutzfahrzeuge
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