Julia Mücke

Directress based in Berlin, Germany

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Julia Mücke was born and raised in Germany, specifically in a place called Edersee which has no real claim to fame, other than Julia being from there. Being the daughter of two hoteliers, she quickly had to master the art of good manners and customer-orientated service.

At the age of 19, Julia ditched the waiting for some re-locating and headed off to Cologne to start working at that record label some people might have heard of, EMI Music. She left eight years later with Robbie Williams, Kyle Minogue and a few others in her portfolio. Around that time, Julia figured that with MySpace and Facebook getting big, it might make sense to produce social media content for artists and labels. This little epiphany led Julia to find her true passion and in 2009, Julia became a content creator and filmmaker.

Her specialties range from documentaries to portrait films, from full-on music videos to impromptu TVCs, from traditional formats to more modern ones.
Given all this experience, Julia prides herself on her solid grasp of marketing and branding, and she loves melting this knowledge with her creativity when servicing her clients’ needs. She is a social creature who finds it easy to adapt in different situations and working with different kinds of people.