Stéphane Barbato

Director based near Marseille, France

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Stéphane Barbato has lived many lives. Studying at the Beaux-Arts, and Arles ENSP prestigious French photography schools, he pursued a career of creative director before turning to direction with ‘Play the Game’, scored by Ennio Morricone. Stéphane Barbato has a love story with music; to him “it is the image’s erogenous zone”.  Director of the hard-hitting French Road Safety campaign Insoutenable (Cyber Gold Lion - Cannes 2011), Stéphane is also script writer for feature  and Game at Iconik. Always eager and on the lookout for Hybrid Media experiences, like Immersive Mugshots VR experience in Paris Virtual and Vidéo Triptych Rob’s Mugshots exhibition in Biennale de Lyon 2017-18, Hozho project with Navajos Indians, Now Future with Japanese Musicians.  Stéphane Barbato explores new grounds from Berlin to Tokyo and constantly surrounds himself with artists, actors and all sorts of creative personalities. He is also a photographer

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