Lukas Nicolaus

DoP based in Munich, Germany

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Lukas Nicolaus was born in Stuttgart. After his graduation he gained a lot of experiences during his internships in different television and film production companies.

Right now he studies cinematography at the university of television and film in Munich since 2013. Besides several short films and two feature films he had the opportunity to shoot documentary shorts in foreign countries such as Iran, Bangladesh or Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Lukas fascination for different cultures, people and their surroundings help him stay focused on his commitment finding the images every single story demands. Eager to accept every challenge and stay patient in all circumstances.
In 2019, Lukas got nominated for the German Cinematography-Award (Deutscher Kamerapreis) and was awarded gold for the commercial „Levis - Made for strength“ at the New York Young Ones ADC Festival in the category - Best Cinematography.