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based in London, United Kingdom

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Josh turned from a skate-video-making kid into a commercial director. After dabbling in acting and attending drama school, he realized that his true passion was behind the camera.
University pushed him into nightlife, club videos, festival videos which eventually led to brand videos. He honed his craft as a director and before he knew it, he was directing commercials and somehow managed to skip the music video phase.
His films tend to lean toward a dynamic style. He likes to take the viewer on a journey but doesn’t like to ever let that push into something that feels like a gimmick. His camera is always motivated by something in the scene and has rationale as to how and why it moves. He likes unique and interesting characters but that are grounded in reality even if that reality is slightly elevated or "hyper-real". Josh also has a knack for incorporating elements of comedy into his films, and he’s always on the lookout for scripts with a touch of surrealism. Essentially he wants his films to make people go
‘Well...that’s cool AF!'
Josh has 2 young kids, he’s a coffee snob and hot sauce obsessed. He may is a director, but when he’s not behind the camera his mission is to show the world that golf is actually a pretty cool sport. (yes, golf)

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Honeybook - Ghosted
Next Level Chef - Nachos
Think! - Mates 4 life
ebay - Mechanic Mindset
Heinz - Serious Mayo Lovers
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