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Directing Duo

based in Oslo, Norway

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Johnsen & Mona come from the far side of the Norwegian fjords. The duo joined up after art school to make music videos, tv-graphics and experimental films. Their work covers a wide range of styles and techniques, but always with a distinct, personal touch. Their commercial work often features food as the subject of aesthetic exploration, but also as a central part of the human experience; food as part of our history and myths, tradition and heritage, family and frienships.
Food brings us together in shared experiences, lets us relive memories and creates new ones. Food is what reconnects us with nature; the landscapes and the seasons, the sun, the soil, the rain and the wind. Food is visual and tactile, it tastes and smells, it snaps, cracks, trickles and oozes, cools us down and warms us up – in short, food raises our appetite for life.
Johnsen & Mona's films have a distinctly modern look where everything feels fresh and natural, yet somehow slightly more beautiful than in real life. Their stories are told with warmth and compassion, and are characterized by a subtle sense of humor.

Meny - Steak
Meny - Chicken
Penny - Butchers Burger
Ölz - Sandwich
Jacobs - Chicken
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