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based in London, United Kingdom & Paris, France

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Sye was raised in the deep, dark, rural depths of Somerset, on a diet of absurd British comedy and horror novels. This would go on to form the basis of his visual identity, which now sees him create trademark, visually arresting spots with playful, comedic performances. He cites Paul Vanhoven and Edgar Wright as major influences, and loves finding beauty in the mundane and humor in the everyday.
Currently splitting his time between London and Paris, Sye is renowned throughout the industry for his innate command of narrative and commitment to strong storytelling, and has been rewarded with both Cannes YDA nominations and Kinsale Shark awards. He invariably coaxes nuanced performances from his cast, and has worked with celebrity talent and non-actors alike on major global campaigns.
Special talents include guitar (he plays in a rock band,) watching multiple movies in a day (not sure if that’s really a talent), and being able to find the perfect Mighty Boosh quote for every occasion. Shares his life with his girlfriend Lena and his cat, Mr. Baker.

Hey Pharmacist - Rina
Valspar - Shake it up
Checkmyfile - Missing Pieces
Betfair - Sock'n'roll
Vanish - Miracle
Betfair - Roar Power
Vanish - Carpetphobia
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