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TRIANGLE is a management service for creative individuals that puts enjoyable and talented filmlovers in the front.


Maria has gained insights into various areas of the film industry through her long-term experience with several production companies. After studying film, she worked as a PA, producer, project manager, and was self-employed before finding her calling as a director's agent. After a brief stint back on the production side in the director's department, she wanted to work more closely with her beloved talents again.

Therefore, she chose Sebastian as the ideal business partner and her preferred talents for an exclusive roster, founding TRIANGLE to provide her filmmakers with a supportive partner who offers both structure and creativity.


Sebastian co-founded TRIANGLE with Maria after collaborating with her in various capacities. With extensive experience in sales at a renowned film production company and his comprehensive Director and DoP expertise, Sebastian is an ideal partner for filmmakers, agencies, and production companies.

As a trained businessman, he brings strategic and commercial thinking to the table and remains composed in stressful situations. His experience in production enables him to understand all aspects of filmmaking and to balance the interests of clients, agencies, and productions while bringing the vision of filmmakers to life.

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