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based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Joris Noordenbos is based right in the heart of Amsterdam. He shares his life with his son and his wife - who, by the way, is also a director. Let's just say that their diners are often seasoned with lively conversations on filmmaking.
Joris is not only captivated by crafting luscious, mouthwatering, and taste bud-tickling visuals, but also by the people who prepare and devour these dishes. His work strives to establish a connection between the food and the characters on screen, showcasing the passion and dedication behind creating culinary masterpieces and capturing the sheer enjoyment of consuming them.
With a strong foundation in technical knowledge and a background in directing actors, Joris seamlessly blends his expertise to deliver food projects that often have a large lifestyle component. He infuses his larger-than-life food visuals with a touch of reality, using a modern, unapologetic visual style with energetic, rhythm-driven editing. His approach to tone mirrors his own outlook on life: joyful and lighthearted.
Joris believes that social chemistry is the cornerstone of creative collaboration, valuing open communication and teamwork to ensure clients feel heard and understood. Described as an effective communicator and team player, Joris consistently delivers engaging and memorable visuals that celebrate the art and joy of food.

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