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based in Belgrade, Serbia &

bookable from Berlin, Germany

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Dasha's journey as an artist began at 12 years old, when she picked up a camera and fell in love with photography. Her talent for noticing details, capturing interesting subjects, and playing with colours and lighting quickly emerged, leading her to develop a unique perspective on the world around her. Through creating videos for dancers, she discovered a love for video and progressed to Director&DoP which attracted huge attention from the advertising industry.
She continues as a Cinematographer to explore different genres like music videos, feature films and commercials to push herself creatively and always strives to create a live texture and cinematic atmosphere in the frame.
Her passion for lighting is evident in every shot, and she knows how to use it to create mood and depth in her work.

McDonald's - BigMac
IKEA - New Year
Yandex Taxi - Time is with me
Encore Fitness
White Noise
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