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based in Vienna, Austria & Cape Town, South Africa

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Growing up between South Africa and the United Kingdom, Johan gained a unique perspective that has led to his style of naturalistic, moody lighting with dynamic camera movement. After diverging from his masters in economics, he decided to follow his passion of working as a DoP. After gaining experience at top-tier production companies in Europe, he has pursued his passion, delving into the world of commercial cinematography. Currently residing in Vienna, Austria.

“As a Director of Photography, you have the ability to shape the visual language of a project and convey emotion through lighting, composition, and camera movement. In my work, I strive to present a visually realistic experience that feels enhanced but doesn't disrupt the viewer's immersion into the story. I like to achieve this by manipulating ratios and contrast levels, focusing on composition and lighting choices to add depth, but not over-stylize."

ÖBB - Nightjet
Fisker - A Sustainable Future
AVL - Reimagining Motion
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