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based in Hamburg, Germany

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Robert inherited his hands-on mentality from his Polish family. While constantly travelling between two countries (and cultures), he grew up in a modest little town in the heart of Germany's mountainous Sauerland region. From an early age he spent a lot of time drawing and still loves to make art.
At the age of 14 he picked up his first mini DV camera and used his father's computer to make his own films with all sorts of crazy special effects. His passion for moving images was born. He consolidated his practical skills with a bachelor's degree in media production. He's been working as a digital filmmaker for more than ten years, gaining experience not only as a director and DoP, but also in production and post-production. This led to his work as Creative Lead at Markenfilm Crossings: VIRUS in Hamburg.
Robert has two hearts beating in his chest. While he loves directing, he cannot help but pick up the camera again and again. He feels at home in atmospheric scenes and touching stories. Although crazy concepts and humorous stories have a special place in his heart. Now he wants to take his cinematography to the next level, delve deeper into intimate stories and develop an inspiring imagination.

DB Regio - Bleibt dabei
Erste Bank Sparkasse Spark7
TBS NRW - Arschkalt
Edeka - Natürlich Unverpackt
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