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based in Belgrade, Serbia

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Igor Vukovic is an artist whose passion for visual storytelling is undeniable. Born and raised in Sarajevo, he discovered his love for film and photography at an early age. His journey in the world of cinema started when he graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, specializing in Film and TV Camera.
In 2003, Igor was awarded the "Vladeta Lukic" award, recognizing him as the best student of Film and TV Camera. Since then, he has directed photography for numerous productions and clients, showcasing his versatile skills and talents.
But it was the “Budapest Cinematography Masterclass” in 2005 that truly transformed his career. There, he was mentored by industry giants like John Schwartzman ASC and Vilmos Zsigmond ASC. With their guidance, Igor honed his skills and developed a unique approach to cinematography that would set him apart from the rest.

Zlaten Dab
Sparkasse - Family Moments
Skopsko - Smooth Beer
T-Mobile 5G
Telekom Slovenia
Ibraheem Al Qurashi - Perfume
Diesel x DJ Luton
Nestlé - Nirvana Ice Cream
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