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based in New York, United States

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Rob lives in the heart of New York City but grew up spending his summers and winters at his family’s cabin deep in the wilderness of Northern Canada. With no electricity or radio, he sat around campfires while his grandfather delighted him with unbelievable “big fish stories.” Little did he know that those tall tales would lay the groundwork for Rob’s desire to tell stories of his own. He quit formal education at 15 years old and set off to travel around the globe with his punk rock band, documenting his journeys along the way, and honing his craft as a master storyteller. Upon returning home he began directing music videos and commercials where his distinctive style and sense of humor blended together to form his unique voice.
His television commercials have been nominated for various accolades including a Cannes Lions, a Webby, and several Addy awards. He's directed a Super Bowl commercial and works around the globe with some of the world's leading brands and agencies. These days he can be found on set holding court, regaling cast and crew with stories of his own. Thus, ushering in a new iteration of grandfather’s big fish tales.

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